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Ryne Pineda

By Ashley Treviso

The emerging electronic dance music scene in Las Vegas has taken over the Strip with over 50 exclusive

DJ residencies at some of the hottest hotels. But how would an artist make a name for themselves in a
town full of mainstream talent?

It all starts with an audition.

Ryne Pineda, also known as DJ Ryno, is a Las Vegas local and a multi-talented DJ/producer who’s
ready to make a name for himself in the Vegas music scene and an audition with the Monte Carlo hotel
on April 19 just might be his big ticket in.

“The Monte Carlo audition is kind of a big deal to me,”
DJ Ryno said, “This could be the very step to launch my career.”

The 25-year-old Chicago native is no stranger to the world of music. Having grown up watching his father
perform in venues all over downtown Chicago, Rynewas surrounded by musical influences at a very
early age. Whether he was listening his father sing classics by Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and the Bee
Gee’s or singing and dancing in his 8th grade boy band, music has been an inescapable force in the life
of RP.

“I’ve never been able to get away from music and my dad is a big part of why I do music now,” he said.

After getting a taste for producing in his high school days in Chicago, Ryne was captivated by the
collaboration process of producing with other artists. Producing gave him the opportunity to work with
other musicians and bring out the visions they wanted to portray for any given project.
Hearing the final product, Ryne Pineda says, is a rewarding experience.

In the mix of his producing talents comes his singing and ability to play piano, guitar and drums, all of
which have played a role in his tracks at some point or another. His tracks cross boundaries, dipping into
his soulful, more R&B side with songs like “Nothing Less” and his DJ mixes, which dip into both hip-hop
and electronic dance music, making sure no fan is left out.

As a DJ, He is confident in his ability to work a crowd. He credits his vast knowledge of all things music
as a key factor that could separate him from the competition.
“The thing about being a good DJ is not only do you have to play what the people want to hear but if you
throw in a classic or something unexpected that’s when they’ll remember you,” Ryne said. “ That’s
when they’ll say ‘Hey, that’s good DJ!’”

In his DJ sets, He loves taking the crowd on a nostalgic journey, taking people past the music and
into more familiar territory, their memories.
“Music is all about memories. You can listen to a song and it can take you back to a different time, you
know,” Ryne says, “That’s part of the job detail, creating new memories.”

His go-getter attitude and self-assured demeanor will no doubt help keep Ryne Pineda on top of his game in
the tough and competitive market that makes up the Las Vegas nightlife industry.

“I’m not going to take DJing for granted, that’s why this audition is kind of big. I want to be able to take
that next step,” Ryne said. “You have to get in where you fit in and that’s what I’m going to do.”

UPDATE: Ryne rocked his audition on Thursday at the Monte Carlo and was offered a position with
JEM Event Services. Here’s what Ryne had to say “Hard work does pay off, and having a great
support team is a big part of it too. This audition was only the beginning of the journey and now it’s time to
get down to work on separating myself from other dj’s.”

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