DJ Ryno

DJ Ryno is a singer, songwriter, music producer, and DJ. Born Ryne Pineda, in Chicago, IL, music has influenced his life at a very young age. Ryne’s earliest memories are watching his father sing in local hot spots in downtown Chicago, and then when he was old enough, Ryne would volunteer to go on dj gigs to help his father. Growing up in a household full of music, Ryne remembers listening to artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bee Gees, the Beatles , Michael Jackson and the list goes on. This may explain DJ Ryno’s wide knowledge of music, which can prove to assist a dj with their playlist.

Aside from spinning records, Ryne is very passionate for creating music as well. Learning how to play the piano, drums, and guitar are attributes that he cherishes. The saying “practice makes perfect” is something Ryne believes in to help with his craft. He recalls, “Producing and writing songs is my main passion. What gets me more pumped up is when I can mix my own songs and remixes into my set and watch the crowd’s reaction.” He jokes, “It kind of nerve wrecking, because you want them to respond positively to it, but when they start moving and feeling it, then my hard work has paid off!”

Recently, Ryno has teamed up with the rap duo from his home state called Rhymen, which consists of rappers SJD and MOA. Together, they formed a new hip-hop/electro-pop group called The Midwest Vegas Boys. His job in the group is to supply the beats and led his singing vocals to make the group a unique act. The first song he produced for MVB’s was the club anthem “Where You At? (I’m In Vegas), which is an ode to their new home and headquarters “Sin City” Las Vegas, NV. The Midwest Vegas boys’ music can be heard on DJ Ryno’s dj sets.

“DJ Ryno has his eyes on the prize and the drive to make it to the top”, says fellow member SJD. MOA confidently states, “Everybody will know who DJ Ryno is and the MVB’s real soon. Watch out, because we’re coming!” DJ Ryno is not just some ordinary dj, he plays tunes that will take you on a journey and make you feel good, he’ll throw some surprises you weren’t expecting and ultimately grab you with his exclusive original mixes and remixes. At the end of his set, he will have you chanting “Go DJ, that’s my DJ!”

On the official blog site of DJ Ryno Music, this will serve as the documentary of Ryno and the Midwest Vegas Boy’s as they reach for stardom and solidify their careers as the “Next Superstars”!

(More Bio to Come)


Little Macau  (Las Vegas)

Cadillac Ranch Grill & Bar (Las Vegas)

Palazzo Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Ignite Lounge @ Monte Carlo Las Vegas (Resident)

Pool @ Monte Carlo Las Vegas (Resident)

Royal House

Lady Silvia

Z Bar  (Plaza Hotel Las Vegas)

Sexy Vegas Fashion Show 2012 (Las Vegas)

Yoga World Aid for Yoga Gangsters 2012 (Las Vegas)

Mr. Olympia Expo Convention 2012 (Las Vegas)

Super Bowl Weekend 2013 (Plaza Hotel Las Vegas)

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